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For Monisha Narke, it was her motherhood that prompted her to live an eco-friendly lifestyle. A person's first responsibility is the needs of their own family. As a mother, she was always conscious of the environment that her daughters were playing in, the food they ate, and their health. Monisha was compelled to protect the environment in which her girls will be growing up. So she started RUR Greenlife with the mission of creating eco-conscious citizens who'd adopt green practices. Episode 6 of MG Changemakers will feature her journey of how she's turning waste into wealth.


There are several communities in India that are marginalized, especially if they are employed in the waste management sector, such as waste pickers. Nalini Shekar, the co-founder of Hasiru Dala (Green Force), made it a mission to emphasize their contribution and resilience. She has worked relentlessly to offer waste pickers the dignity of labor, respect, and a sense of identity. Stay tuned to watch her story in Episode 5 of MG Changemakers Season 4!


Meet Padma-Shree awardee Dr. Janak Palta; a woman who conceptualised sustainability and turned it into reality. From a zero-waste household to powering a neighbourhood of fifty families with solar installations, she's made it happen. She has aided in the overall development of rural women by empowering them and fostering indigenous knowledge with her unrelenting commitment to the cause. Watch her story unveil in Episode 4 of MGChangemakers Season 4!

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Chandni Khandelwal, an NIFT alumna from Odisha, has grown up picking after the floods and cyclones over the years. Deeply troubled by the role plastic played in accelerating the rate of climate deterioration, and encouraged by her educational background in designing, Chandni has set out on a journey that has opened a window of opportunity with sustainable innovation.

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Raging fires, parched lands, earthquakes, and hurricanes. While we continue to ignore such impacts of changing climatic patterns that put numerous lives in danger, a 10-year-old girl from a small village called Bashikhong in Manipur uses her voice as a weapon in the fight against climate change. Watch her story unfold in the second episode of MG Changemakers Season 4. Stay tuned!

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Hope was sparked by the valiant women of Bundelkhand. What began as a small group of 30 women wearing blue sarees, has grown into a movement of thousands, making history. As we commence Season 4 by unveiling the stories of sustainable warriors, we bring you the first inspirational story of these brave hearts -- Jal Saheli, a group of women who fought and triumphed against the drought. Watch their story unfold in the first episode of MG Changemakers Season 4. Stay tuned!

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In this new season of MG Changemakers, 101 India and MG Motor India bring you stories of 6 inspiring women. Who come from distant regions of Odisha, the rural villages of Bundelkhand, the silicon valley of India and so on. These strong-willed women are breaking everyday barriers, moulding opportunities, and are determined to carve an identity of being sustainable warriors. Come watch their stories of struggles, courage and grit with which they have transformed their lives and surrounding communities, for a more sustainable future.

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These are real and inspiring stories of women committed to bringing change with their courage and perseverance. The pursuit of honoring these exceptional women who create solutions that impact our communities still continues.“ 101 India and MG Motor India present, MG changemakers Season 4. COMING SOON..