Monisha Narke
Turning Mumbai's waste into wealth.

About MG Changemakers

MG Changemakers is an initiative that brings stories of inspiring women who are torchbearers of change in their communities. These women, through their unprecedented courage, determination, and undaunted spirit, embark on missions to break new ground every day and transform the lives of many others. Our journey continues as we unveil the stories of such real-life heroes, who are smashing barriers of communal mindsets with the work they do, irrespective of their age or social standing.

Season 4

Season 4 focuses on stories advocating the sustainable development of communities. It also aims to recognize 50 additional Changemakers who are having an impact in their community and inspiring others to follow in their footsteps.


Hear their stories of strength & grit, from sustainability warriors. These podcasts bring you an insider peek into the tough journey and the impact they have built within the community.


Read more about the Changemakers and the impact these women have had by making it a priority to adopt sustainable practices.


These films demonstrate the enormous efforts put forth by these remarkable women from all around the nation, as well as how they fostered sustainable behaviors and helped normalize them.

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Season 4
2022 the year of sustainability
Jal Saheli

Jal Saheli was founded by 30 women and the goal was to revive the water bodies and harvesting techniques in Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh. They're now an organization of more than a thousand from 300 villages, where women wearing blue sarees have successfully fought drought.

Licypriya Devi Kangujam

Licypriya Devi Kangujam, a ten-year-old child environmental activist, has been passionately advocating for her cause to save, conserve, and nurture our environment by combating climate change since she was six years old.

Chandni Khandelwal

Chandni Khandelwal of Odisha founded Ecoloop to replace plastic with handmade and eco-friendly alternatives such as bamboo, palm leaves, Sabai grass, and more, thus giving employment to tribal communities.

Janak Palta

Janak Palta McGilligan is a Padma Shri recipient social worker and the founder-director of Jimmy McGilligan Centre For Sustainable Development, an Indore-based non-governmental organization working for sustainable community development.

Nalini Shekar

Nalini Shekar is the co-founder and Executive Director of Hasiru Dala. Her passion lies in helping unorganized garbage industry workers regain dignity, have better access to stable employment, and provide for their families' social security.

Monisha Narke

Monisha Narke is the founder of RUR, “Are you Reducing, Reusing, Recycling,” which was founded with a vision to establish a wave of eco-conscious citizens, who through the adoption of ecological practices ensure sustainable waste management.

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Read more about these women-led organizations who're making it a daily priority to adapt sustainable practices.

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Empowering artisans, the heart of sustainable design

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No woman left in the woods

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Sustainable living begins at home

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Hear their stories of strength and grit, from the real sustainability warriors.

Past Seasons
The best way to predict future is to create it.

Renelle Snellekz

Renelle Snellekz is a Dance Movement Therapist who began to work with a non-profit organization called Kolkata Sanved, which used Dance Movement Therapy to heal and empower individuals from marginalized communities, including survivors of human trafficking, gender-based violence, and even at-risk children and youth. Watch her story!

Monisha Behal

Meet Monisha Behal, founder of the North East Network (NEN), whose extraordinary development model helped economically marginalized women put together their hearts, blood, and sweat to transform a village in Nagaland. Innovators like her are who MG ChangemakersSeason3 is all about - incredible ideas impacting lives every single day.

Hekani Jakhalu

Hekani Jakhalu, quit her dream job to build a better future for youngsters. Innovators like her are who MG Changemakers Season 3 is all about.

Kalki Subramaniam

Kalki Subramaniam, MG Changemaker 2018. Kalki’s journey from being an ostracized teen to becoming a trans icon has inspired hundreds across the country. Stay tuned for stories of more such brilliant impact creators with MG Changemakers Season 3.

Lakshmi Menon

Lakshmi Menon, an innovator upcycled scrap collected from PPE manufacturers into low-cost bedrolls to help COVID centers in their time of need. Lakshmi is using the power of innovation to create change. Watch her story.

Janhavi Joshi

A majority of the 18 million deaf people in India find it difficult to read and comprehend because of the way they are taught in the early stages. Janhavi Joshi, a social entrepreneur, is trying to rectify this with her innovation, BleeTV — a digital platform that is helping 12000 deaf people learn sign language.